Bogged Down by Excessive Rains From Storm Elsa on July 9, 2021

Several rain events upset growing conditions in the cranberry bog this season. On July 9, 2021, the remnants of Hurricane Elsa dropped over 5 inches of rain in CT, which overwhemled the watershed that we are located within. Over 20 acres were flooded, including the 3 acres in active farming, raising the water level 4 ft above the normal summer level.

The plants and the newly formed minitature berries from the polinated June blossoms were flooded for over 40 hours. Potential and actual damage to the growing crop will not be measured till harvest and then packaging time. Late June blossoms were stopped from fruit development.

Standard controls for fruit rot had already been made according to UMass Cranberry Station recommendations, so no further steps could be taken to prevent further crop loss.