Where can I buy Killingworth Cranberries?

Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market, 1355 Boston Post Road, Guilford  06437

Killingworth True Value Hardware, 228 CT Rt 81 Killingworth, CT 06439

Hindinger Farm Stand, 835 Dunbar Hill Road, Hamden, CT 06514

Highland Park Markets in Farmington, Glastonbury, Manchester, Suffield

New Morning Market  129 Main St N, Woodbury, CT 06798

Silverman’s Farm, 451 Sport Hill Road (Rt. 59) Easton, CT

Stew Leonard’s, 3475 Berlin Tpke (Rt 15) Newington, CT 06111

More markets coming that support Buy CT Grown products! If you have a market you would like to have carry our Cranberries, please contact us here and reference Killingworth Cranberries.

When are Killingworth Cranberries available?

From harvest in late September through December or when until sold out, 1 qt packages are available.

What makes our Scarlet Knight® Cranberries special?

The color, flavor, size and presentation of the berries is phenomenal!

Scarlet Knight® Cranberries, is a new Hybrid variety developed by Rutgers University and patented in 2012. Availability is limited due to it’s recent release and that it takes 3-4 years to produce the first marketable crops. The following is from Rutgers Licensing and Technology Ag Products

  • Early ripening to a dark red, uniform color
  • High red pigment (anthocyanin) content
  • Lower titratable acidity
  • Rounder and larger fruit size, to 2.4 grams/berry
  • Good keeping and storage properties, weeks longer vs. other varieties
  • Good yields, averaging 250 – 350 barrels/acre (100 lbs/barrel)
  • Scarlet Knight® trademark, of potential high value at retail
    Note: The taste profile of Scarlet Knight® may need adjustment of cooking and baking recipes vs. standard cranberries
    U.S. patent: US PP22,541 issued March 6, 2012

How do you harvest the cranberries?

For superior quality, we dry harvest our berries using a picker that gently plucks the berries from the vines and moves them into a burlap sack via a short conveyor.  The sacks are hand carried off the field and moved to the de-chaffing machine that separates vines and stems from the berries.  The berries are then put into bins that hold 300 pounds, which are then put into cold storage while awaiting grading and packaging. Visit on Bog Blog posts on Dry Harvesting Cranberries and Sorting Cranberries

Are Cranberries good for you?

Yes!  Visit this page at Decas Farms for the health benefits and proanthocyanidins. PACs are bioactive compounds unique to the cranberry that give this amazing superfruit its antioxidant & anti-inflammatory powers. Further information here: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/269142.php

Special Ways to use and Enjoy Scarlet Knight® Cranberries

  • Dipped in Dark Chocolate!
  • In Chicken / Turkey / Apple Salads
  • As a garnish for dishes, salads, plates and desserts
  • In a fruit salad
  • In Stuffing
  • On Skewers with fruit, meats or vegetables, fresh or roasted!
  • All conventional cranberry recipes

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