How Do You Sort those Little Cranberries ?? !! ???

Cranberries are sorted for color (maturity) and quality (no softness or defects). For a dry harvest, the first sort is just after they are picked to separate excess vines from the berries. Next stop is the refrigerated cooler, where the bins that hold 300 pounds of berries are kept to preserve freshness.

Our cranberry sorter is made up of two units. At Killingworth Cranberries, berries are scooped onto the wide conveyor from the 300 pound bins, then go into the Color-Sorter. This computer controlled unit scans each berry with light rays from infared to to violet. The unit is programmed to eliminate berries outside the reqired parameters, and minature bursts of air propel the undesired berries onto the eject conveyor.

The second unit is a computer controlled bounce sorter. It measures every berry’s ability to bounce (soft berries will not bounce). Firmness levels are programmed and sensitivity pads trigger an air jet to eject any soft berries.

Our BBC Technologies Color Sorter and Soft Sorta remove over 95% of the targeted berries. Human inspection during packing is the final chance to spot and remove poor berries.

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