70 Hubbard Rd, Guilford, CT 06437

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  1. 2 parking space(s) for the parking of registered motor vehicle(s) in spaces designated in the area opposite the building are allowed for each unit.  Vehicles are not to be left in a position that prevents other Tenants from accessing their leased area.  Written permission and an additional fee will be required for regular use by any additional vehicles or trailers. 
  2. No parking adjacent to the building.  The septic tank and system is in this area.
  3. Please use single ply toilet tissue, and minimize the amount used as we are on a septic tank, and heavy use may cause problems for all tenants.  DO NOT PUT or FLUSH any other pads, wipes or feminine items down the toilet. The system must be pumped out annually due to the heavy concentration, so please be very conscientious.
  4. Water is from the well on site, and is filtered. Heavy water use by multiple units at the same time may temporarily reduce the water pressure.
  5. Refrigerator, Range and Dishwasher, Stacking Washer-Dryer units are provided for all units.
    1. The first $100 of repairs are the responsibility of the tenant
    2. Please consult with the landlord if repairs are needed.
  6. No pets are allowed unless specifically allowed in writing.  Please notify us if any temporary overnight visits of pets are requested.
  7. Trash is picked up early Wednesday mornings.
    1. Only typical household trash is allowed in the dumpster, and ONLY from our tenants and the Landlord’s family. No furniture or bulky items. 
    2. PLEASE RECYCLE!  SEPARATE trash from RECYCLABLES and be responsible!
    3. The Guilford Transfer/ Recycling Center is open 5 days a week at 1900 Boston Post Rd, Guilford and takes EVERYTHING that can be recycled. 
    4. PLEASE help keep the property neat and clean, by picking any trash you see.
    5. Notify us if you see any non-tenant use of the dumpster.  A photo of the vehicle dumping is appreciated, and or the model, color, license plate number and driver description, including the date and time.
  8. Snow is generally plowed only when 3” or more of plowable snow.
    1. Since the driveway is gravel, we must be extra careful when plowing if the ground has not been frozen. This can mean we will not be able to clean off all the snow.
    2. Plowing is generally done only after snow has completely stopped, and could be plowed at any time of the day or night.
    3. When known snow events are forecast, please park as far back to the cemetery tree line as possible to allow for the best plowing job.
    4. A short term parking solution while we are plowing, or before we do, or if heavy snow prevents you from coming in the driveway, is to temporarily park across the street at the Guilford Veterinary Hospital, only if their lot has been plowed. The Cemetery parking area is another temporary option. 
  9. Tenants are welcome to walk down the hill behind the building and out the path down to the “glen” and the river. 
  10. Please report any unusual vehicles coming and going.  Our buildings have always been safe, with no thefts, but please be alert.  A photo of suspicious vehicles is appreciated, and/or the model, color, license plate number and driver description, including the date and time.
LandlordKeith Bishop(203) 627-6589
Landlord spouseDebbie Bishop(203) 627-6593
Emergency backupCarrie Bishop Healy(203) 627-6583